Lymphatic massage

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NOTE! Book a 50 minute session for lymphatic massage

Manual lymph drainage is a light and soft treatment method with deep breathing, light pressure ans strokes in the direction of the lymphatic system.

The lympatic systmem is an important part of the body’s circulation system and vital for the defence of different types of infections. 2-4 litres of lymph is formed in the body every day.

Accumulated lymph fluid can be caused by: tensed muscles, medicine, gluten, e-substances, stress, anxiety, operation scars, sedentary work, inactivity and so on.

Lymphatic massage stumulates the lymphatic system and transports wastes and surplus fluid back to the blood vessels where it is cleansed and transported from the body via the urine.

This treatment is suitable for EVERYONE but especially persons with some sort of swelling, pain, numbness of fatigue symptons.



NOTE! Book two 25-minute sessions after eachother

50 min 600 SEK


Book Lymphatic massage Stockholm