Cancell appointment

You are able to cancel up to 12.00 pm the day before the treatment, without being charged.

If you cancel after 24:00 the day before treatment, the time becomes available for others to book. If someone else then book the time, your cancellation will  go through without charge.

If you are unable to get to your treatment, you can ask a colleague to take your place. Ugglapraktiken will change the reservation after the fact. This assumes that the colleague has not reached the ceiling for maximum number of reservations.


Step 1

Log into your customer portal via Ugglapraktikens website.
You will find the login at the top right of the page.


Step 2

Once logged in you will find yourself in the customer portal and can see your current bookings under “Upcoming treatments” To cancel, click on “info/edit”


Step 3

You now come to the page where you can see all the information about the current reservation.
To proceed, please click on the green button “Cancel treatment”



Step 4

You will receive a confirmation that the time is canceled, then click “OK”