Schedule appointment


Step 1

When you visit the online calendar, then you should start by choosing the type of treatment you want to book. You do this at “Place”



Step 2

Reserv the times that suits you. If you do not find any times that suit, you can put yourself in queue for a time. You will receive an email that offeres time if it becomes vacant.



 Step 3

Your reserved and queued times end up in this list. When you are finished with your reservations, it is important that you click the “Go next” button


Step 4

 If you have have booked before, please log in with your username and proceed to step 6. Guests who book for the first time, press “I want to become a user” When you have filled in your details, so it is important that you click the “Sign-up” button.



Step 5

When you click “Sign me up” in the previous step, a registration code is sent to you via SMS and email. Fill it in and click “Confirm Password”



Step 6

Here you can see a summary of the times you are about to book. Because you pay through payroll deduction or through Skandia lifeline, so it is enough to click on the “Go next for booking” button


Step 7

Your reservations is now completed!


 Välkommen på behandling!