Outsource your preventive healthcare!

Employee health problems are great challenges for companies today. Costs for sick leave, inefficiency and social problems. There are many components to good health. With our concept, the whole organisation becomes aware of the value of good health and its connections to accomplishments. When every co-worker is aware of the importance of his or her health and is motivated to work with it, the results will show. Working actively with preventive health care is profitable and gives clear and measurable results. But the results reaches longer than the workplace. Better health gives higher quality of life in all aspects.


How do we do it?

Every organisation meets its own challenges. By using our health mapping, we identify the potential risks and produce a strategy especially for your company. We provide long-term solutions. Our set of tools is complete – no challenge is too big.

You will also receive health-economical calculations to make your health investment visible.


Prevent rather than mend

By working with company preventive health care you prevent the problems rather than mending them. It is only then you can see the great results.

Preventive health care:

  • Is an investment which is profitable in terms of healthier and more motivated staff – giving a more profitable company
  • Motivates your co-workers and makes your company an attractive employer