Health Coaching at Ericsson, Sweden

A personal meeting where co-workers get an opportunity to develop their health, presence, ability to perform, life balance, and – not the least- themselves.

What is Health Coaching?

Health Coaching is a unique and time efficient coaching program, adjusted to the individuals prerequisites and goals. During a 3 to 6 month period the co-workers, through personal meetings with a coach, gets opportunities to form an action plan detailing how and/or where to make changes in their life in order to become as effective, healthy, energized and motivated as possible. Health Coaching works particularly well in achieving a healthy balance between, sleep, fitness, eating habits, relations, roles and goals. Mastering that balance is the path towards a healthier life style.

Why Health Coaching?

As a Manager please consider Health Coaching as a tool to support co-workers to develop a sound and healthy lifestyle. This is equally beneficial to their work situation as well as in their personal life.

Please also remember that a healthy, motivated and inspired co-worker enjoys his/her work and thus becomes a more effective co-worker!

What is the purpose of Health Coaching?

The purpose with Health Coaching is to motivate co-workers to maintain and/or regain energy, balance in life, efficiency at work and still have energy left for the after work life. Poor cardio is often disregarded at a sedentary work in front of a computer. Poor cardio vascular fitness affects our oxygen uptake and in turn decreases productivity. The goal with Health Coaching is to achieve happier, more energetic and more motivated co-workers.

When would you consider offering Health Coaching?

Health Coaching can be a most appropriate alternative when a manager sees that there is a need to strengthen co-workers motivation and support them towards a healthier life style. Maybe there are signals that a co-worker need help to motivate themselves to a healthier life style. Health Coaching is commonly offered to all the co-workers jointly in an organization, but can also be offered individually. Health Coaching is either health promoting or a preventive measure. At any signs of poor constitution the Corporate Health Care must be connected.

Start a Health Coaching program or a health project by contacting the supplier of Health Coaching that supports your office. The Health Coach will assist every manager in charge to form a plan to suit your organization.

Content of Health Coaching

  • Web based enquiries around life style, health and work situation
  • 3,5 hours coaching In total during a period of 3-6 months
  • Personal action plan
  • Follow-up on goals and physical tests
  • Physical tests
  • Measurement of body composition
  • Blood Pressure
  • Mobility
  • Strength
  • Balance
  • Cardio vascular fitness, Sub-maximum test


The price is 2,800 sek for a total of 3,5 hours, distributed in 3-4 personal meetings during 3-6 months.
800 sek for additional meeting.
600 sek non-attending fee
Orders made in Ericsson Buyer must be received by Ugglapraktiken at the latest two weeks ahead of start.

Book health coaching

Please note: Requests can only be made after an EB/CTB order has been placed and authorized by the department manger.

  • To place an EB order find Healthcare in Ericsson For Me. Remember to specify what the order is valid for. In the specification field enter the name of the group or the persons e-mail addresses and phone numbers.
  • Download attached order form. The order form is only necessary to use if the order is for more than 3 people. Please double-check the spelling of the e-mail addresses.
  • Complete the required details in the spreadsheet and email to
  • When we receive your request, a lifestyle questionnaire will be emailed for you to complete.
  • Your appointed health coach will contact you to book your first meeting.
  • Cancelation needs to be done 24 hours before the meeting otherwise you will be fully charged.

Presentation of Ugglapraktiken’s Health Coaching

If you or your organisation wants a presentation of health coaching send an e-mail to or call 08-642 51 62.

Key Account Manager Mona Olander tel: 073-9819867

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